May 25, 2011

Tasa'ud 2011

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TASA'UD: UVPN's Charity Program Part VII

            As part of the celebration of its 6th Foundation Anniversary on June 25, 2011, the United Voices for Peace Network will be having its Tasa'ud Part VII: Building a New Hope with Madrasah Imamud Da'wah Al-Islamie in Banubo, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao as its beneficiary. The organization will be facilitating the repair of the said Madrasah, that is highly affected by the succeeding floods that hit the area. 

          UVPN is now calling the attention of those people who have the heart of extending generosity to those who are in need. Interested individuals may drop their donations at our main office at Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy Compound, Bulalo, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao. You may also leave your comments here, contact us through our e-mail address or call or text us through 09194857979 or 09065031828.


            Every Muslim child is obligated to know his/her religion – Islam. One effective way of doing this is to attend classes in Madrasah (i.e. Islamic/Arabic schools), where there are Ustadzes (Muslim Teachers) who teach everything about Islam.
          Madrasah Imamud Da’wah Al-Islamie is an Islamic/Arabic school located in Banubo, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, built with the initiatives of the people in the community. It is the only Madrasah present in that Baranggay. Unfortunately, during the 2008 and 2009 mass flood in the Municipality of Sultan Kudarat and the City of Cotabato, the Madrasah was seriously affected. The students and teachers cannot anymore use the rooms in the first floor because mud, soil, and dirt filled the rooms. Thus, the students and teachers are forced to fit themselves in the remaining rooms at the second floor. They divide each room into two, to accommodate other grades and level. They conduct two classes in one room with only one chalkboard. The chalkboards are overused and some are damaged, so the ustadzes cannot anymore use them well.

   How can a student internalize and comprehend the lectures in an environment which is not conducive for learning? We need a group of people who will dare to take actions to address these problems.

  Thus, the United Voices for Peace Network will be conducting its “Tasa-ud Part VII: Building a New Hope” on June 19-25, 2011 at the said Madrasah. As an organization that works out for peace and progress, UVPN designed this program primarily to promote education through improvement of needed facilities and to make the Madrasah students internalize their importance in the Bangsamoro Homeland as peace-builders, as “Islam” connotes “Peace” which is being taught in Madrasah like Madrasah Imamud-Da’wah Al-Islamie. 


To promote a spirit of unity, social responsibility and leadership in order to bring about effective and sustainable actions as response to various problems confronting the Bangsamoro especially in Islamic Education.


  • To promote the quality of Islamic education given by Madrasahs by means of improvement of the facilities essential in the learning process.
  • To make the Madrasah students aware that they have very essential roles to be played in promoting peace and progress in the Bangsamoro Homeland.
  • To urge the students live in accordance with Islamic teachings, peacefully and progressively.

1.    Improvement of Classrooms

Through the donations to be received by the UVPN from different individuals, communities, and non-government organizations:
  • Chairs, tables, and classroom walls will be repaired and fixed by the UVPN Officers, members, and applicants, with the help of the Madrasah students and teachers;
  • Chalkboards will be made and provided by the UVPN members and officers; and
  • Chalks, erasers, pens, and class records will be given to the teachers.
2.    Lectures-Discussion

Selected youth leaders will be discussing the following topics:
  • Concept of Peace in ISLAM
  • Role of the Youth in Promoting Peace and Progress in the Bangsamoro Homeland
  • Contemporary Conditions Confronting the Whole Bangsamoro People
3.    Workshops

UVPN members, officers, and applicants will be facilitating workshops related to the topics stipulated above.


Why Tasa-ud?

             Aside from the relief operations being conducted annually in partnership with Cotabato Inter-Communal Initiatives (CiCi), Muslim Youth Union of the Philippines (MUSYUPHIL), Mabuhay Club Singapore, Ginakit Philippines Foundation, Inc and Cotabato Canari Motorcycle Club for both wars and floods affected areas in Southern Philippines, the United Voices for Peace Network-UVPN (formerly known as Voice of the Youth for Peace and Orderliness-VYPO) also extends its helping hand to different Madrasah (Islamic Schools) and Daarul Aytam (Islamic Orphanages) in the area under its Tasa-ud: Charity Program.  As "Tasa-ud" is an Arabic term which means "Helping one Another", UVPN asks donations from local officials, NGOs, friends and relatives to fund its charitable undertakings. In this sense, UVPN serves as a bridge for those people who want to extend their generosity to those who are in need. 

UVPN's Tasa'ud in previous years

        Since 2009, UVPN has successfully conducted six activities under this program. It has managed to gain the trust of many individuals, urging them to support this UVPN's noble undertaking.

Tasa-ud Part I to IV: Touching Hearts through Helping Hands
  • Madrasah Imamud Da’wah Al-Islamie, Sultan Kudarat,Maguindanao last May 16, 2009
  • Madrasah Nurol-Huda Al-Islamie, Parang, Maguindanao last May 20, 2009.
  • Madrasah in Langkong, Matanog,   Maguindanao last May 21, 2009.
  • Arabic Department, Nahda Central Academy, Cotabato City last May 31,2009
Tasa-ud Part V & VI: Putting Smiles through Kindness
  • Orphanage in Markaj Ibn Taimiya Al-Islamie, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao last May 15, 2010.
  • Madrasatu Imamud Da’wah Al-Islamie, Sultan Kudarat,Maguindanao last May 22, 2010.
Madrasah students waiting for their snacks
Baisandra Sandialan facilitating an ice-breaker in her group
Macdum Enca facilitating a group discussion
UVPNians and Madrasah students after the dissemination of simple gifts

Madrasah students drawing their dreams in life

Madrasah students enjoying the snacks prepared by UVPnians

Hamodi Tiboron and Macdum Enca preparing the simple gifts for distribution

Hamodi Tiboron having a short discussion with the kids

Hamzah Dulat and Yuseph Guerrero facilitating a small group discussion

Out-of-School kids

Some of the UVPNians and kids posed for a picture taking

UVPNians enjoying their lunch prepared by Moctar

Madrasah students listening to the short discussion by Hamodi Tiboron

Productive Muslim

Haq Islam


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