Jul 5, 2011

UVP Cotabato Relief Operations

July 2, 2011

THE SITUATION (and how we made a change)
This is what's happening now somewhere in Cotabato 

The whole pathway is flooded

Kids playing with their father's Pedicab

Others would stay at the top of a tricycle to keep themselves dry

And Boats are now a new way for transportation!


The flood did not stop students from going to school.
The Peddler is now pushing them

Hanging washed clothes in a wired rope to keep it dry

A little girl wade through the flood to buy some lollipops

A Maguindanaon woman walks throught he flood.

And these are the Bangsamoro youths who spared their Time, Energy and Faith to help and lend a hand.
All for the sake of Allah and Islam.

the goods and donations we brought from Lanao stucked all in an ARMY Truck

Arriving at the Venue. Meeting other UVPN Professionals and Student members in Cotabato

Bringing the relief goods for distribution to UVPN Participants

Our very own Sohayl helping out in getting the relief goods to the area.
Even our Professionals did not hesitate to work, Lillah.
A little donations we gathered from Marawi and Lanao areas from both
students and professionals alike
Hitching a ride. We enjoyed sitting up here!

A venue for the operation

Arriving to the venue with a sack of goods.

The UVPN Marawi Chapter. A little Orientation before we begin the activity.
Opening Prayer. We started everything with Allah's grace.
Asking Him to help us along the way.

And off we go!
Its a long road to travel, one house at a time, one relief pack every participant.

whoops! The mud are just little obstacles for us.
Wiz Challenge, UVPian to!

Wading through the floods. Alhamdulillah, it is just sole-high in this part of the road.
(We even reached a point that we have to Tuck-up our pants up to knee-high)

OMG! We have to remove our sandals to keep them dry.
so we walked bare-footed almost through out the muddy pathway.
A lot of an Adventure!

Through the muddy fields and to every house we see.
Hindi na namin inalinta ang mga damu-damo.

This is how we are willing to go, for the sake of helping our Brothers in ISLAM!



May Allah send His blessings and Rahmat to all those who participated, supported and prayed to make this humble activity a success. Alhamdulillah, even how little things we only have, we are still determined to help our fellow brothers, even how far they are.

The UVPN would like to thank all those who helped us, worked with us, and especially the group who made our 'transportation' from Marawi to Cotabato Free. (The Author do not have yet the Information about those sponsors, InshaAllah, we will placed it here later on.)


Productive Muslim

Haq Islam


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