Jan 8, 2012

3rd Islamic Leadership Training

UVPN Conducts 3nd Islamic Leadership Training

United Voices for Peace Network-SKIA Chapter conducted its third Islamic Leadership Training and Peace Workshop last December 25-26, 2011 in Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy Social Hall, Brgy. Bulalo, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao with the theme "Enlightened and Empowered Muslim Youth Leader: An Effective Peace-Builder".

Using the Lift-Core Strategy or Learning-By-Doing Approach that was utilized in the said activity, applicants of UVPN-SKIA Chapter and invited non-UVPNian participants had truly internalized the significant Islamic learning imparted throughout the training program. There are four essential components of the program that enhanced the learning experience of the participants which are:

Shaping Khalifah Personality which inculcated among the participants their role as Khalifah of ALLAH S.W.T. and the significant duties and responsibilities to perform. Introduced during this part are appropriate attitudes and values to possess in order for them to fulfill the great role of being a Righteous Khalifa, In Shaa Allah;

Islamic Leadership Skills Enhancement which emphasized the Islamic leadership styles of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The essential attributes and roles of an effective Muslim youth leader must have, were also introduced;

UVPN Islamic Leadership Training 2

Islamic Way of Attaining Peace laid down the Islamic strategies and approaches to attain the true face of peace and progress in the Bangsamoro Homeland and the world as a whole; and,

The Power of Working as One Ummah made the participants appreciate the impact of working collaboratively to attain ALLAH S.W.T.'s Pleasure, Mercy and Forgiveness in the world and the hereafter. The spirit of working as one Ummah, as one great brotherhood that transcends ethnic affiliation or race is the essence in creating a more-fulfilling Islamic community.

At the end of the day, mixed emotions were felt by the participants as those life-changing lessons were implanted within their heart. Filled with new hope for a better tomorrow, these new sets of young leaders will In shaa Allah contribute big changes through a different way: leading in an entirely Islamic way, Alhamdulillah!

“ALHAMDULLILLAH! It was indeed a very successful Islamic Leadership Training." said Hasmiene Ibrahim of UVPN SKIA "With the help of ALLAH (SWT), we were able to meet our objectives. 

In fact, I received a lot of positive comments from the participants right after the activity proper. They informed me that they are starting to leave their lives in an ISLAMIC WAY. They feel how it differs to be closer to ALLAH, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful. May HE continue to ponder guidance among us. In sha ALLAH.”
Here are some photos during the training:

Participants listing down the "Attributes of a Good Islamic Leader"
Group Discussions among Female Particpants

Team-Building Through Fun Games


Productive Muslim

Haq Islam


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