Jan 6, 2012

News and Updates

Here are some of the updates of activities done by the different UVPN Chapters.


As part of the Phase IV (Contribution Phase) of the screening process, the aspirants (half-members) of UVPN-Lanao, Batch Qiyamus Salam, organized the organization's General Orientation for the Second Semester of the SY 2011-2012 in the Academic Complex Lecture Hall, College of Law, MSU Campus, Marawi City, Lanao del Sur last December 11, 2011. Significant information about the formation and operation of the organization were shared to around 70 MSUans who attended in the said activity. To make the participants internalize deeply the advocacy of the organization, Islamic workshops were facilitated by the members and aspirants. The workshops left the students with an inspiration, determination and motivation to support and extend the UVPN's advocacy. Panel Interview of the Phase 1 of the Screening Process was immediately started in the afternoon.


To enhance spiritual wellness among UVPNians, Islamic Personality Development Workshop was conducted in the Grandstand of MSU-Main Campus last December 18, 2011 in the afternoon. Significant duties, responsibilities, attitudes and values as Khalifah of ALLAH were emphasized to UVPNians in the said activity.


In sha ALLAH, we look forward to the establishment of Davao Chapter through Wahida Caparan Kumaway, Palawan Chapter through Fatima Magbanua, Sulu/Zambo City Chapter through Ahmad Musahari, CCSPC Chapter through Abdul Rahman Sali Alongan, Ocampo Chapter through Alhussainie Salik Ali and USM chapter through Iyeosefph Guerrero..=) Our newbies in MSU-Main Campus had also expressed their dedication and commitment to bring UVPN activities in their respective places in sha ALLAH... =)

Reports from different UVPN Chapters.
Photos will soon be attached In Shaa ALlah.

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